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Hi loves, my name is Alyvia! My passion for beauty started at a very young age. I’ve always had an eye for detail and perfection so once I learned how to do everything on myself I soon applied the knowledge I learned on my own to my friends. After high school, I went to Cosmetology school graduating not knowing what I  wanted to do because during school  I realized doing hair wasn’t something I wanted to focus on.  After 6 years of thinking I was never going to do anything in the Beauty industry all because I thought I needed to do hair to make a living, and back then Eyelash Extensions weren’t even brought up… 


I finally decided Eyelash Extensions was it after receiving them on myself for 2 years straight. Over the years, Eyelash Extensions have become more and more popular and with it being so tedious I absolutely LOVE and enjoy doing them! My mission is to make my clients feel confident and beautiful when they look in the mirror.


I have always had a vision, and been into art. When it comes to your face and beauty, that is art to me so I always strive for perfection and detail when it comes to my clients face. As soon as a client steps into the room, I am able to invison the outcome of the the most flattering set of lashes and brows for that client and their specific eye shape.


I started looking for a business name that wasn’t original and something other than “Lashes by Alyvia”. I changed my name several times… I soon realized how hard it was and it was disappointing yet, extremely exhilarating because I knew the amazing opportunity I had to start something I’ve always dreamed. I wanted to create a Beauty Business that would empower women and bring confidence and in a professional and luxury atmosphere. In the end, this is what brings me the most joy; making my clients feel confident and beautiful when they look in the mirror.


Here I am today known as Lyv Lashes because “Lyv” has always been been my nickname growing up. I'm a home-based salon in Carterville Illinois and whether you are going for a more natural look or something more Voluminous, I have just what you desire!



Alyvia Zoeller,  Founder of Lyv Lashes Beauty by Alyvia
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